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ORCAMAN is about preserving all that is good in the Puget Sound…an advocate of goodness, social discourse, courtesy, and environmental causes as well…Above all else, ORCAMAN stands for having fun, and is a reminder to everyone that life without adventure is just too dull!

Limited Edition Available Now!

This masterfully hand drawn and expertly hand-colored ORCAMAN Adventure Comic Book, is a light-hearted look at ORCAMAN’s world, how he and most everyone else see the earth’s problems in simple terms.

A gripping story of the ageless fight of goodness versus badness. ORCAMAN, a local environmental hero, and his pet pig, ORCA PORCA, not only chase and stop the bad guys, they do it in a stylish and dashing manner.

Everything done with ORCAMAN and the ORCAMAN Adventure Series is governed by Howard’s Law: No one gets hurt, the process is a lot harder than originally planned, and the results are usually hysterical…

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